Would hotels be interested in branching out into domestic staffing services?

I've been brooding over this idea for quite some time. A while ago, I was considering getting into the domestic staffing business. At some point, it struck me how hotels have exactly all the resources to essentially be domestic staff providers themselves, especially the bigger ones. Their cleaners could be dispatched to nearby homes to do cleaning. If the hotel has a restaurant, they could also provide meal service or private chef service. Finally, some of those hotels are in prime business locations and would make for excellent day care locations (assuming the hotel can provide a room and hire qualified nannies). I understand that this is all pretty complex, and nowadays, the tendency is to outsource, which runs pretty much opposite to what I'm suggesting here. Also, I'm aware that this might require a major effort on the part of the hotel. But on the other hand, hospitality is very well known as a low margin business and there is a lot of competition. So, this would be intended as a new revenue source for hotels. What would I bring to the table? Providing both back-end software for hotels to manage these new tasks as well as a front-end for customers to book the services.


My family is in the hotel business. I can tell that we would have absolutely no interest in doing this. We make sure out employees look after our property and provide great customer service. We do not have down time for them. We run a tight ship.

The liability and other headaches that come with what you propose is incredible.

The only thing we would consider doing is using one of our banquet facility rooms as a senior day-care center from 9am to 2pm Mon-Friday because a company would be paying us for the space and food. Everything else is on them.

Answered 6 years ago

I agree the liability may be high unless you set up something like this - set up a separate entity to run the out-sourced services from in which you 1099 the "employees" and require them to hold their own insurance. Only down side here is your not able to direct the laborers as you would normally due to them not actually being employees. This is how a lot of vacation rental companies handle the constant demands set on them. Definitely not impossible. Cheers

Answered 6 years ago

I would say that the answer is NO!. I have friends who actually do the opposite of what you are talking about and they are very successful. Consider instead...start a cleaning service and hire them out to hotels, charge by the room cleaned. That is what my friends are doing and they are making lots of $$.
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Overall, it's a sound idea to use spare resources (ie. staff) for commercial benefits - but the majority of hotel owners will definitely not be interested. Housekeeping is a considerable expense for hoteliers and most focus on maintaining or driving down the 'cost per room' for cleaning. For the potential profit involved (once split between workers and hotels) this would be a nightmare. Liability, staffing, booking, insurance, workers health and safety, just to begin with, would make this extremely hard. Not to mention, hotels have dynamic inventory shifts and resource needs change hourly, as the needed 'full check-out service' and 'daily clean' needs shift with occupancy.

However, we're looking for a great developer for a related project and want to discuss collaborating on something. Feel free to contact me via . Cheers

Answered 5 years ago

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