ex-programmer with a start up idea. How to go about getting a team together you can trust? Haven't kept up with new technology


Building a team is no different then dating to find a life partner. I would follow these steps.

1. Find the locations with a target rich audience. If you're looking for technical skills, go to developer meetups, conferences, etc. Ask who the smartest person in the room is, spend time with those people.
2. Start by asking what's interesting in their life. Don't pitch your startup and come off to strong - it'll push them away. Maybe ask for advice on a complex/hard part of your idea and see what they say.
3. If you get them excited, start with a small project (10 hours max) that you can both see how you work together. Usually this is not your idea, it's there. The goal is to see if there's chemistry, how they communicate and could you see yourselves spending A LOT of time with them.

You can always fast track development by hiring someone of or, but building a team that you can trust, that are extremely talented requires and investment or you'll spend more time dealing with "issues" then the short term progress you think you'll be making by hiring someone you don't know.

Answered 11 years ago

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