I am trying to figure out a way/service that allows me to call out from our business phone number, from my iPhone. Can anyone help?

Presently, when customers call our 800 number it reroutes to my cell phone (iphone 5). But if I am on the other line, I have to call them back from my personal cell. The business operates out of FL and I am out of IL. Any tips, pointers or services you folks recommend? Thanks much for your help.



Great question. We use Skype services. It allows you to purchase a local number (in Florida for example.) Then using the Skype app on your iPhone you can call out. (saving your iPhone cell plan.)

People accepting your calls will see the business number rather than your iPhones own number.

Hope this helps

Answered 10 years ago

Google Voice does this, as well.

Answered 10 years ago

We use Google Voice and Skype.
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Best Of Luck,
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Answered 9 years ago

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