I work in tech in business development so I'm not sure my skill set would be something that a U.S employer couldn't already get from a employing a local. I'm not interested in marrying a girl I've just met. Is it better to start a company (which may take years to take off) or is it a case of getting an international transfer through an L1 visa after working for a big company for a year?

I am a Canadian Immigration Consultant, and cannot advise you on USA Immigration matters. However, in terms of ethics, your path to legitimate immigration is not via a marriage of convenience. If you have the chops to make a start up work, that is legitimate. If you have a job offer and can proceed via the L1 visa, then this is likely your least complicated route. "Ethical" immigration is universal, and so I my answer is given to you in this vain. Marry for love, not a visa!

Answered 7 years ago

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