I am a new fish in the User experience design for mobile application business. Should I learn web design and html?

Is it necessary for me to learn web design and some html to land a good job in other parts of the world in any leading agency? App design is the only thing I like to do.


If app design is the only thing you'd like to do, then I'd say spend all your time and focus developing UI/UX expertise for mobile. In many developing nations around the world, smart devices are giving people their first exposure to the Internet. The way they search, browse, buy, and otherwise behave online hasn't been profoundly shaped by desktop computing (and all the extra real estate that larger screens afford). All that to say, I've begun to think of UI/UX design for mobile as a distinct discipline. Many fine web designers find it very difficult to make the transition over to mobile: almost like fiction writers trying to write poetry. Starting with web and moving to mobile may actually handicap you. But if you start by learning to be economical and use limited mobile real estate to its best effect, then you'll probably be a better web designer (if you decide to grow into it later) for it.

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To me U/X consists of many things – design/look-and-feel, navigation, content, information architecture, etc. Certainly it would help if you have design skills and HTML experience but you need to understand from a user’s perspective how they interact with the app and their needs. U/X is the overall experience that an user has while interacting with an app. It is not just one thing that will make the user experience great but rather the total of many different components.

For instance, if the navigation is really well thought out but the content is not that relevant when they get to a page, then the U/X is poor.

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Worry about the product and how you will make it.
Don't stop taking massive action.
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You should learn Web designing. Web designing is an Art. It has become more popular than before. Now-a day’s everyone is creating their own websites for professional and personal use. Here are some reasons and benefits of how studying web designing course can benefit your career. Website designing is extremely easy to be trained. If you are interested to start your profession as a web designer, you must first undergo proper training before you can master it. There are many quality trainings centres available in your locality. It is extremely easy for people those who have prior designing knowledge and artistic talent. Web designing is not just creating web page to display content and image.
HTML learning can be beneficial as well. Learning HTML can be used for situations like formatting a blog or email, working with a CMS, embedding external content on your site, and creating usable content. In the same vein, knowing HTML is like making sure you are fully prepared for a vacation. Knowing HTML can save you hours of frustration, precious time with your design team, or even money dealing with an external contractor. Use HTML to create internal links. This is an easy hack to do yourself if you know HTML. If you know HTML, you will know how to embed content in the first place, not to mention troubleshoot any issues if the content is not appearing correctly.
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