- Facebook broke the law - Uber is breaking the law But I guess such companies have the resources to bend the law?

More of a political answer than anything to be honest.

Laws are created by politicians, politicians make their decisions based on lobbyists & public opinion. Lobbyists and public opinion can both be bought. One person only has one vote, a company can persuade millions of votes. Imagine what would happen if Facebook (or Reddit) put a tiny icon that say "Vote ________ for president", how many people that would influence to vote.

Businesses are what influence & create laws in the end. Even your personal opinions come from businesses. Is it something you read in a book? Author makes money, textbook makes money. Read it on the internet? The website makes money. Learned it in school? University makes money, professor makes money.

A business that is breaking a law is really just fighting the status quo of the established businesses, which might be why often new businesses think or might assume they need to do something illegal to get ahead. While established businesses such as Comcast or Facebook can break laws and it be "legal" (because they do it in the right way of course).

But no, entrepreneurs don't need to do illegal things and break the law. Pick a business model, any business model, and then do it better.

Answered 8 years ago

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