When I was starting out, I did a wide range of work across the full spectrum of knowledge I had on things. I would repair PCs and help people setup home office networks. I hated doing this work because it always resulted in a lot of support calls. Once I had built up my web client customer base to the point where I was managing enough small business websites to sustain a comfortable living, I referred all past work that did not fit into my specialty to local businesses that handled this. This resulted in creating some great relationships that generated referrals for more web clients.

Some of the PC repair clients I had were small businesses who ended up using me to create a website for them.

What do you know how to do? How can you generate some income from it in the interim? Is there any crossover?

Once you are comfortable, you can continue to shed some of the stuff you don't want to continue doing for work.

Answered 7 years ago

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