The eternal question! How to live while boot-strapping a business. The most important piece of advice I give to clients is to build their business while they still have a job. Why? Beyond the obvious answer of taking the stress off of you - I can tell you that clients know when you are seeing them as desperately needed money rather than a fabulous client you are excited to serve. When you are coming from neediness it is all about you. When you are coming from the desire to serve and you are feeling good about yourself - it is about the client.
I am sure if you are an adult that you have multiple skills that you can use in the short term and monetize. There are so many things I could do if I had to and I know I will never go hungry. So focus on how you can make money doing on what you already know and built your business slowly but with great integrity and you won't regret it. :)

Answered 7 years ago

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