Are there any good and free resume collection software?

We are searching for a full stack developer for our team, is there a good resume software that we can use for free for this first position?


I'd recommend RecruiterBox as long as you can focus on filing one position at a time. It let's you accept up to 200 applicants for 1 position for free.

Also, There are quite a few others out there most of which offer free 30 day trials or free access to their platforms with feature limits on them vs the company's paid offerings. Based on the way you phrased the question, this app should do the trick!

Side note - if you're making use off Google apps - just create a form for submissions. It's always free.

Answered 10 years ago

See also: It has a free 14 day trial and is $99 thereafter. That may not sound "free", though we spent a whole heckuva lot more than $99/month paying people to push paper around in the job application process early on. This is one slick program for managing the entire job application process, much like the enterprise class tools, and without the enterprise class price.

Answered 10 years ago

Resume collecting is usually either a dedicated service or added value through a subscription o jobr posting purchase. There are sites like that allows smaller or startup firms find talent for free... I am personally launching a startup offering free plans for connecting with candidates.. Called but is not fully ready yet... This platform will allow you to either browse candidates for free or for a lower cost post to different markets and gather that way...

Look into hiringsolved for now too.. They charge but not sure of their pricing structure...

Answered 10 years ago

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