We are a bootstrapped social event hosting start-up that targets young professionals. We are having posters created to be hung in various locations where we know there is a dense population of potential customers in our target market. We want to be able to track who has found our business through those posters but are not sure the best way to go about it. We currently do not have a website but are looking to begin development within the next month.

The trick with any offline media is to plan some kind of unique value that the person should use to connect with the business, examples would be:
- Custom URL (ex:
- Phone (Ex: 1-888-Marketers)
- Discount Code: use MARKETERS to get 20% of your first call
- SMS a custom CODE to get a discount
- QR Code to receive discount code

The other then you'll want to do is ask the visitors to your site, or business "How did you hear about us?"

I will say that it's only 40% accurate as most people will think they heard from a friend, but maybe initially got introduced to you via a radio ad, or facebook promotion. It's not accurate, but the easiest of all the options.

Hope that helps - call if you need more

Answered 8 years ago

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