if you are talented with no money you can sell your brain and if you have money and idea but no skill set you can buy best brains to work for you. Capital is blood of any business but one can start business without money also but one of the essential element is must - talent or money . if you are talented and have experience you can find investors . you can invest your talent and your partner can invest money. when I was young I used think how to start a business with zero investment and trust me I cracked the idea and experimented that idea successfully also.

But I see you are just graduate without experience. I agree with Rebecca Caroe . you should gain experience first . while working you will not only gain experience but also learn trade secret. you will get opportunity to make connections and meet many people with similar dream. after 2-3 years if you save some money and find good partner you can start consulting firm. prove yourself people will invest in you.

Answered 7 years ago

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