We're developing the product and working on these features for it: * keep track of the weight of your luggage via a mobile app * track the weight of multiple luggages at once * receive notifications if your weight limit is exceeded * have multiple profiles on the same app (if you are traveling with a companion) * connect to the smart scale from multiple devices * using bluetooth, you'll receive notifications to rest assured you luggage has arrived at the airport * if your bag is overweight, you can ship it home using other options (calculate costs for paying at the airport or via courier)

No. My $0.02 is that you're over-engineering a solution to a problem that just isn't that painful to most people. And besides which, you kind of snooker yourself from a customer perspective. As a frequent flier, I always travel light.

So you're not targeting the frequent flier. You're targeting the very occasional traveler who isn't aware of these weight restrictions. The idea that they are going to discover your app prior to traveling and then remember to use it every time they travel feels like a really big stretch to me.

Happy to talk to you more about how to do effective customer development and validate/ideate your ideas.

Answered 6 years ago

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