How can one be unique with e-commerce these days? Are their any opportunities within e-commerce that can greatly increase traffic and sales?


Create something new that builds a strong connection (brand) with customers. See Bonobos, Betabrand, Huckberry. You can always increase traffic and conversion rates if people like what you're selling.

Answered 11 years ago

There are a great deal of opportunities when it comes to e-commerce. The level of opportunity depends on your geography and service.

The key to success, with an e-commerce portal, is to stand out above your competitors. To do this, you need to first outline the personality (brand) of your company and form the culture around it. People want to do business with companies they know, like, and trust. You have to convey your passion and authority for your products or services in order to success in e-commerce.

For example, I have a number of e-commerce shops that sell gift items. One of my most successful is centered around a specific dog breed. I not only have this breed as my dogs but I offer advice to my customers as well. My customers not only can tell that I stand by my products but that I "get" them and know first-hand what it's like living with this specific breed.

If I didn't have that passion and personality, this specific shop would never have become successful.

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Answered 11 years ago

I've been tackling this question from a particular angle for the last 6 months.

Depending on your market, accepting Bitcoin may provide a meaningful value add to your customers, particularly if you're willing to provide a discount to them. That's fair, because the processing fees for a bitcoin transaction or miniscule compared to any other alternative aside from cash.

I've created a couple marketing guides that will be helpful for deciding if you want to pursue this avenue:

I've also done extensive comparison between the major payment processors bitpay and coinbase.

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Answered 10 years ago

I've been involved in ecommerce since 2000 and trust me when I say, eCommerce has changed! It's no longer what it used to be. It has matured. Barriers of entry such as technology have been eliminated which allows competitors to rise with minimal investment.

What's important is to have something unique that tells a different story. Not all online shoppers are looking for the lowest price. They do look at the story behind products. Handmade items are being appreciated. Cause marketing is playing a big role. Local shops or online retailers are getting more traction. Think local before going global.

Use marketplaces like eBay/Amazon to test the market before going all out. We are fortunate to have many tools in our disposal that allow you to understand demands of the market. Use social media to engage with those that might need your product.

Hope this helps!

Answered 10 years ago

To be unique in e-commerce business, one has to stand out from the competitors by offering unparalleled features and services. You need to ensure that you cater to your customers' needs and demands so that they keep coming back. Make the shopping experience as convenient as possible and it can greatly increase traffic and sales.

Ecommerce platforms can be developed by integrating several innovative features. These features are built in such a way that they add a great boost to your traffic and sales thus bringing in more revenue.
Read more on such features that can be integrated into an e-commerce platform at

Implementing techniques to optimize your business for mobile platforms, a neat and clean dashboard that can be personalized as per user interests, intelligent analytics that can help to strategize new schemes to attract more customers, dedicated standalone payout system capable of performing mass payments simultaneously are some must-have features on your online shopping platform.

You can ensure the engagement of different users in online businesses such as admin, vendors, and customers by offering role-based profiles to meet their every requirement.

Several platforms also offer multi-vendor systems that help them to build their own shopping site and brand, merge or migrate different businesses, etc. Such features are a great way to make sure your e-commerce platform remains unique and innovative.

Answered 4 years ago

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