What is the best way to convert a product UPC to a GTIN case code when the same UPC is packed in two different case configurations?

This question is specific for the CPG industry. I have two identical items that are packed in two different case packs -- a 6 pack and a 12 pack. (Both are sold as single items, not multi packs.) For the case UPC, we typically have converted the UPC to a GTIN, which I understand is common, normal, accepted, etc. For the secondary case pack, we have been using a modified GTIN code -- which works if you're viewing the full 14 digit number. One of our distributors only works with only the core 10 digits of the code (excluding the prefix and check digit). In this case, the GTIN for the 6 pack and 12 pack appear to be identical. (The distinct digits are cut off.) Would it be proper to just create a new UPC that maps only to this unique case pack? Or is there a better approach?


Depends if each item is sold individual, why would you need a 6pk & 12pk? I would have one GTIN a 6pk, that way if they order 12 it is just two 6pks.

Answered 8 years ago

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