I have been working on bringing my first start-up to launch for the last 6 months. Our last barrier to launch is financing the development of our website. The website has been designed and is ready to be developed but we are short of the money we need to finance the development. The amount of money we need for development is roughly 1/3 of the total financing we have raised so far. I will not stop until the development has been complete but I am running out of ideas for how to raise the money to do so.

I have bad news: If friends and family are no longer able to provide funding and you have raised $10,000 or more without having developed a website, then you have close to zero chance of attracting angel investors.

Whatever money they have invested is essentially funding a learning lesson around what to do differently next time.

Any investor who doesn't have a *pre-existing* relationship with you is unlikely to fund you without seeing the product live. You could try to get into an accelerator but even mediocre accelerators (that provide capital) are not accepting pre-product idea teams except for very rare occasion.

A good founder must be *relentlessly resourceful* so sell whatever you can, do whatever is in your power to create money, try to borrow money with a personal guarantee from friends and family.

I believe in giving honest and useful feedback. I hope it helps!

Answered 8 years ago

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