What is the best resource out there to get a firm handle on Mo Pub (and advertising for mobile apps in general) in the quickest time possible?

I'm a rookie app developer that is just getting my first apps in various app stores. The development road was long and hard and now it seems like a lot of my ad network have not been set up properly by outsources. At this stage....I'm super confused and just want to ensure that my apps are getting the maximum fill rates on their ads. I will figure out the rest as I move along but finding someone that can help "check if things are operating correctly" has been fruitless to date. I've gone through every member of my mastermind group - asked my development team - reached out to the briefest acquaintances and fallen on my sword...... At this stage, I just need to be pointed in the direction of the best read or person to give me a hand and get things at least set up properly......while I catch up and learn more about it. It's been a long road to get here and I realize I'm behind on this side of the app business equation. Any help would be greatly appreciated Clarity community!!!!


Join an incubator program. Many of them have direct connects with media outlets and global news stations. If you are on the West Coast, I recommend, or 500 start ups.

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Well first of all what I would recommend you is not to worry about the monetization side of things but worry about building a great app. Worry about getting users on board and keeping them happy. You can't monetize without having any users. I noticed most people have 10,000 impressions a day and are worrying about monetizing that. For Mopub the best thing to do is just contact them. I'm sure the guys at Mopub will be more than willing enough to help you out.

Answered 10 years ago

To get a firm handle on MoPub you can look at the following resources:

There are dozens of ways to advertise an app applying different mobile marketing strategies. Taking the first steps in mobile advertising might be hard and confusing. Hundreds of new developers wonder how mobile app ads work, how to advertise on Android apps most effectively, how to conquer Apple App Store or how to make the most of in-app ads. Luckily, there are plenty of mobile marketing platforms and tools which can help you operate customer involvement and monetization.
Eventually, your mobile app ads are shown on the top of App Store search results. It is fuelled by Apple’s algorithm which processes your app metadata and determines how relevant your mobile ad is to a store surfer’s search query. SearchAdsHQ addresses these issues offering a platform which integrates App Store advertising features, mobile attribution data, and analytics. Against all odds, App Store Search Ads and SearchAdsHQ are the most advanced and promising mobile advertising methods for iOS apps. The platform became critical for mobile advertising on iOS devices showing impactful CPI rates. Taking into consideration that iOS users are generally thought to be the most active mobile users, it is worth implementing App Store Search Ads into your mobile marketing strategy while it is still a hot new thing. Supply-side platforms automate ads selling process, they basically bring advertising space sellers and buyers together. SSPs act as a mediator which helps negotiate the highest possible price for mobile advertising space, it’s possible thanks to real-time bidding .

Well, they can identify price range, so there’s no way their app advertising cost will exceed mobile marketing budget. Let alone transparency, time-saving and advanced efficiency of the advertising process within your mobile marketing strategy. Mobile affiliate networks act as an intermediary for mobile app developers and performance-based advertising platforms.

A network searches for advertisers, choosing correspondent ads space, and paying a fee to advertisement space sellers. When it comes to mobile app installs increase such platforms as Google Universal App Campaigns, Facebook App Install Ads, and others go to bat for publishers. All App Install Platforms are performance-based which means a publisher pays solely upon their mobile app install or after certain in-app events. Anyways, this effectiveness of App Install Platforms can be costly. In addition to the above, mobile marketing specialists get way less control over traffic efficiency and calibre. Such advertising tools and platforms abundance make life easier there is no denying.

Lots of publishers still opt for Facebook despite the exuberance of mobile advertising platforms. It is hardly surprising as Facebook can boast impressive targeting potential and enormous user base. For sure, such platforms as AdWords and Twitter enjoy the attention of considerable part of mobile marketing specialists and have certain advantages over Facebook. Nevertheless, mobile apps advertised on Facebook show great results.

Mobile News Feed Ad. A massive Facebook mobile advertising campaign might remind gambling as it has the potential of turning into a budget-draining disaster. Here are a few tips on how one can make the most of their Facebook ad campaign.

For a successful mobile advertising campaign, you need to literally take roots in demographics, interests, and behaviours of your users. It is also preferable to diversify in-app ads layout for different apps, apply hacks that work for a specific category. Excellent text is another mobile advertising success core ingredient. Let us deconstruct a fine example of Facebook mobile in-app advertisement. This mobile ad showcases the service without losing cohesiveness. Forbes states that in-app ads click-throughs rate exceeds the mobile Web one. Moreover, time spent on mobile apps growth constantly. That is why it is important to learn how to advertise in apps.

Choosing the rights in-app ads partners is the first thing publishers should take care of once they decided to advertise in mobile apps. This predetermines the fate of ads success within your mobile marketing strategy. What concerns in-app advertising cost ‘Kenshoo Mobile App Advertising Trends Report’ asserts that average in-app CPM for both android & iOS amounts to about $5 while average in-app CPC is about $. Every mobile marketing specialist searches for the most effective ways of mobile advertising there is no denying.

These insights are essential for boosting in-app purchases, establishing users loyalty, targeting application advertisements better, and distributing marketing budget proficiently.

Measurement becomes vital when customers start to install and use your mobile app, that’s how a publisher can predict each step of the funnel. Analytics is an integral element of your user acquisition success; it assists in making the best use of every marketing cent you spend. SplitMetrics is a platform that can help you ran A/B tests of all App Store or Google Play page elements optimizing their impact. One more mobile app advertising option emerged lately within Facebook. According to the Wall Street Journal, 140 media companies and celebrities now are assigned to creating videos via Facebook live-streaming service.

Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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