What is a good CRM for remote salesperson that tracks what they are doing every minute

I have a remote salesperson on a significant base who works from home and road with android phone. I want to track their day. I have infusionsoft now. It sux. I want an CRM web app that runs on desktop and android phone: - Sends me a daily email report that 1) chronologically lists how previous day was spent including A) work day start time, B) calls outgoing and incoming - start, end time, contact, result C) emails reading & writing - start, send time, contact, result D) meetings - start, end and result. E) Other activities eg driving - start, end, contact, result 2) Sales pipeline status changes and value in graph format. This should be done as automatically as possible. Ideally with no typing by salesperson. Ie buttons only. Or only one word typing if req.


Properly set up Salesforce CRM with Saleforce Mobile would do this.

Answered 10 years ago


Let me be candid with you. This is a completely fucked up approach to driving new revenue. I've grown sales in (3) different companies by more than 1000% per year AND I've been CEO of a company that operated at that level.

Any sales rep who allows themselves to be monitored like this is full of shit -- and will never hit your mark. Frankly, you owe it to yourself to rise above this sort of bullshit thinking. Fire your "high base" rep today and start over. It's better for him (or her) and it's better for you too.

Take your goals for revenue creation and divide them by 10. That's your likely output for year 1. Take your deadlines for revenue creation and multiply them by 3. That's how long it's actually going to take.

ACTIVITY is for chumps. YES -- you do need an executive who puts in massive amounts of hard work on your behalf. BUT you also need a partner who will grab a sword and fight by your side to win the battle -- that means you shouldn't need to pay an outrageous;y high base salary.

Great sales execs buy into your passion and vision. You're not a whore. So lead and inspire -- instead of just paying for services.

ONE MORE THING: I can make a few calls and point a few amazing sales executives to you. But I want to make sure you're not a "head case" boss. Your question has me worried about YOU.

(Send me a message through Clarity and we'll discuss if I should point a few superstars your way)

Answered 10 years ago

I will agree that "every minute" is completely the wrong way to look at it. You should focus on results and activities (calls made, emails sent, etc.) rather than minimizing minutes in the bathroom.

That said, we did build < > to track all activities *automatically* (phone calls, emails sent and received), which makes it much more likely for you to get an accurate report of all their activity, etc.

Answered 10 years ago

We recommend Capsule, It is not as automated as infusionsoft, plus it does not include any automated market channels, you have to use a third party application for this, however it is simpler and easier to onboard sales staff remotely into learning the platform and up taking 80% of the functionality as compared to infusionsoft. Plus the pricing point at $12.00 per month US per user is far better pricing.

Fully cloud based, works on all devices.

Trial it today via this link

If you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to be in contact.

Answered 10 years ago

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