Does Facebook still need human object tagging data of photos and videos?

I have an idea that would produce human-tagged objects in Instagram pictures and videos. So, much like FB had users tagging faces and using that to inform their machine-learning for facial recognition, this would have users tagging objects. However, I don't know much about the state of machine learning and don't know if this is something Facebook - or other companies - would still find useful. Would there be a market for a dataset of tagged objects in Instagram photos and videos?


I am currently working on a similar project to the auto tagging software for a client that would like similar functionality on Facebook. I think this is very useful especially with the two requests I have received from two different clients about developing this.

Tagging is important, because it makes a website or social network pop more. With auto-tagging, anyone in a photo can be identified and it makes any website more user-friendly if you think about it.


Answered 7 years ago

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