Proper incentives really depend on the person. Most really talented sales pros that I know are motivated by more than money. They might want upside (in the form of options or profit distributions). They might want the freedom to work weird hours or to not come to company meetings. They might want a base salary, plus commissions, plus milestone-based bonuses. Or they might want commission only with a fancy title and leadership responsibilities. Or they might want a certain percentage of topline profits plus performance-based bonuses. You've got to ask point blank, "What kind of offer can we make you that would be too sweet to pass up?" Then it's your job as the founder/executive to cobble together that offer in one way or another. Cliches still apply: you get what you pay for. A crappy base salary will get you a crappy sales rep. I love strategizing around this stuff, so if you want to discuss in more detail, let me know. Cheers, Austin

Answered 6 years ago

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