We approached a competitor about buying their business and they decided to engage a business broker. The info sheet they provided was very limited with gross sales for a few years, gross margin, & an "adjusted" EBITDA. They would not elaborate upon what was included in that calculation. Since we were unable to make an offer they say they are going to explore the general M&A market. Any advice on how to crack this egg would be appreciated.

If they aren't willing to provide transparency and full disclosure - allowing you to complete your due diligence - you might be better off to move on.

In other words - based on their elusive behavior and lack of willingness to cooperate - the egg you are looking to crack is likely a rotten one.

Of course you can always try to get this info from the broker (it wasn't clear in your description whom you requested the info from - the owner(s) or the broker). If they are uncooperative then the whole deal should be rejected by YOU.

In any case - Best of luck!

Answered 8 years ago

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