I am looking to develop a prototype of an electronic gadget and ready with the design specifications. Have a few questions to people who have successfully got their products manufactured in China. How do I go about looking for companies in China that can develop the prototype for me? How much does it cost to develop a prototype vis a vis actual product cost at scale (say 1000 pieces) How is my IP protected?

If you're building in China, your IP isn't protected. You also incur travel costs, long transit times, quality issues that increase product development time, Chinese New Year shut down (for weeks), etc. and the wage gap between the US & China is closing. A lot of 'leading' companies do not fully understand the real cost of offshoring. Search 'Reshoring Initiative TCO' and use the total cost of ownership calculator. Cost is not the only reason, product development is also a factor. There's a reason why Toyota moves to local markets. It's the same reason many Chinese companies move to the US.

Answered 5 years ago

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