What's the Technology Behind Clarity's "Are you interested in booking {advisor} for a call?" Email?

I was surprised to get the email. I'm wondering if this is a feature they built into the product or if they are using a 3rd party tool and can share which one is it. Thanks.


I'm a developer at Clarity and was involved in the development of this feature.

This specific feature was developed in house. We keep event logs around for a log of things and this feature is built on top of that. When you visit a certain page showing interest in an expert, we'll schedule a job to send this email. A few hours later, when the job runs, it verifies a few things against other logs and we send the email if it's a good fit.

These days I would take a good look at Intercom ( to do this. They recently came out with event tracking ( making this kind of feature a lot easier to build.

Answered 7 years ago

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