What is the best way to find the appropriate decision makers of Fortune 500 companies?

Looking to market directly to companies of larger size. Wanted to know if anyone had any advice as to how to identify, & get in touch specifically with the decision makers of these larger organizations. Any and all help appreciated!


One of the most used techniques is to add people on LinkedIn (Junior or Mid-level Management) and ask them who the correct decision maker is in the company. Most of the time, people are indeed helpful and will provide you with the correct name.

You have to be polite and yet at the same time, subtle/diplomatic about it. People don't like being connected on LinkedIn only to find out the person was trying to jump elsewhere.

Answered 6 years ago

Marketing to large companies is a team sport. You cannot expect to just target the decision maker and convert them. You need to really understand how enterprises make purchase decisions and also that you have diverse groups of stakeholders, from the end users, to IT, to Finance to Purchasing to the Decision Maker, to market and convince. So if your marketing strategy is just to target the decision maker, you will fail. What you need is to have a credible story for each of the constituents and reach out to them and help them build a business case as to why they should go with your product/service. Only then would you be successful in reaching the decision makers.

Answered 6 years ago

I would say ... "linkedIn" but then I would be selling my own products, which is not necessarily what I like to do on Clarity... :D

Answered 6 years ago

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