What is the best way to get paid speaking engagements?


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Without knowing the specific industry you're targeting I can only provide general advice.

However, my background is in the technology sector with primarily specific experience in the Telco & Transport sectors. So if I draw on my own experience I would work through the following steps.

1 - Brainstorm the top 3 topics you feel you are confident to speak about and could mould around a specific engagement.
2 - Identify the regular speaking opportunities locally and regionally that you could attend without too much trouble.
3 - Reach out to your network. Let people know you are looking for this kind of opportunity
4 - Be totally willing to speak for free to build up experience as well as a name for yourself.

Everyone would love to walk straight into a paid speaking gig. The reality is that you have to build up a reputation first and only then will people be willing to pay for your services.

Some events, once convinced of your value add, will be willing to pay for your travel costs but not your time. If you can start by getting those you are doing well. Go to the event. Smash it out of the park. Network like crazy. Build a list of other opportunities to pitch for.

Once you have done a few 'free' engagements you can use those as a springboard in your marketing to help draw in paid work. Obviously having a strong social media presence with videos of you speaking at events and details of where you have spoken in the past and are due to in the future greatly help.

Also look at local business support groups where you can build up a following as a 'go to' guy for your sector.

There are a number of approaches you can take and will vary by your background and target audience.

I hope that gives you a little bit of a pointer in how to get started.

Feel free to schedule a call if you would like to discuss further.

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Answered 10 years ago

The best way to get paid speaking gigs is to build a following that is eager to hear you speak and willing to pay the price of admission. I started by speaking at community-organized events that are not run for a profit, so they are not able to pay speakers beyond offering free entry to the event. But those conferences tend to accept proposal submissions and many use a blind review process, offering opportunities to speakers who may not yet be well known.

After establishing a few successes and these types of events, and proving the value you provide to attendees both during the event and afterward, organizers of for-profit events will begin to seek you out. When there is a higher registration costs and more attendees, the organizers are more likely to be able to offer you an honorarium. You can begin by asking for reimbursement for your travel expenses and an honorarium of up to $500.

Then similarly, by building a track record at this level and proving you can fill seats, you will be able to demand increasing fees. As your following grows and you build your reputation, speaking rates can grow from $2000 up to $10000 for the most in demand speakers. Celebrities and household names can demand upwards of $25K per speaking engagement.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call me on Clarity.

Answered 10 years ago

The best way to get speaking engagements is as follows:

1. Make sure --> you <-- are a quality product. Do you have a message that will sell? Do you have a personal brand that will stand out among countless other people in your field, and/or in the speaking/training world?

2. Identify your market. Who will pay to have you speak in front of them, or conduct training with them?

3. Practice in front of groups, even if you are a great speaker. Watch, listen, read, and absorb the cadence and presence of professional speakers, and make their world your own.

4. Create a dynamite video, one-sheet, and website, then write a book. Those are the things that will show a potential client that you are worth hiring, and worth the fee that you command.

5. Be reasonable in your fees. Ask around what other speakers are getting. Start with "free" speaking engagements, and test the water with various fees. Work your way up to $1500-2500/speaking engagement, plus travel expenses. Then, work your way up from there.

4. Create a value proposition and pitch that no one can refuse. Also, don't forget to "salvage the sale" if you get a "no" from a potential client. If you have books, ask them to buy 500 copies of your book, and then you will speak free. If you need video of you speaking, ask them to give you an honorarium and pay your travel, but pay for a video team to come in and record.

It will take time, but it will be worth it in the end. Speakers can be very well compensated for their ideas and effort. Good luck!

Answered 10 years ago

My feeling is to go to libraries and start speaking there. I have public speaking business and I give talks in different areas of Horticulture. I found my niche as a subject to talk about that I am very good in And I give my talks at libraries, garden clubs and other organizations. And I have given 191 talks since 2014 when I started my public speaking business. Another idea is to give some free talks to local business groups and chamber of commerce. I also give motivational talks and I went to a someones house and gave a talk in dealing with change 25 high school students were at that talk. I am in toastmasters and one of the people in my group asked me to do this. I will be happy to help you and give some ideas how to get some paid speaking gigs. Feel free to e-mail me or to schedule a talk with me.

Answered 4 years ago

Being specific is the first way to start. Be specific about everything. Do you want to speak at conferences? Non-profits? Local or global? Do you want to speak to business professionals? Colleges? Churches? The list is endless. You can hire an agent as well. They can give you a list of 1,000+ different conferences, all categorized by genre, size, and date!
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 3 years ago

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