What's a good service to use for visitor referrals, i.e, a contest-system that gets visitors to your site in exchange for "entries".

I had a look at GetAmbassador, but the pricing is a bit hefty for a content site that's not selling a product or service. The site is monetized by way of 3rd party sponsors, which we're looking to acquire more of. Currently I am using ShortStack, but I'd prefer to have something that integrates within the site itself rather than run the promos through Facebook. I basically need a way for site visitors to easily share my website with their friends, then in return, the users who send me visitors that turn into mailing list subscribers will receive one entry into a monthly prize giveaway. Does anyone here know of such a plugin (WordPress) or better yet, 3rd party service which does this - at a reasonable startup rate? :) Thanks in advance!


I can refer you to several third party platforms that provide this service: allows you to create an incentive based sharing system, is similar but more tailored to a full 360 loyalty program. Additionally, has a different form of pricing that may suit your needs because it allows you to pay as you go; with no setup fees. Hopefully these few recommendations will be enough to get you atleast considering different options. Feel free to call me with any questions or implementation advice.

Answered 10 years ago

Hey, I build / advise on WordPress sites myself and although I've not tried it yet when I saw your question I immediately thought of:

Which is created by AppSumo (they used it for some of their very successful contests I think).

It's designed to work with WordPress and costs $198 for a lifetime on a single site (they did a promo for it but that's ended now unfortunately).

Hope this helps :)


Answered 10 years ago

Have you considered rafflecopter or wishpond for running contests?

Answered 10 years ago

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