As the founder of a potential 1.2M annual revenue project, I realize that the least I take the more my company has to spend, that being said, I want to be rewarded for my work and have the ability to splurge into ventures I am interested in, as an interested angel investor.

Read the answer that Dan Martell wrote. Now go read it again. [While I'm waiting....] Now go read it one more time. That's the most honest and legitimate way to handle your salary.

Please don't make the mistake of having 7 co-founders who all want $60k out of the seed round you want to raise. That's complete bullshit. And I'm not entirely sure why I am seeing it so much in pitches these days.

Invest in your success early by sacrificing early (if possible) BUT be smart about paying yourself something fair as you grow and build a thriving company. It's hard to focus on business when you're "unnecessarily broke".

Be awesome. Good question, dude.

Answered 8 years ago

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