How important is it to have your mobile app's design/branding right --- right from the get-go?

some followup thoughts/questions for a call: I know that design imbues trust with users. But I've heard about some software/app designers who just put out an ugly version first and iterate from there. What are your thoughts about that? How important is it to get the design right in the first iteration. In a more general sense with any type of business, how important is it to have the design/branding right from the get-go?


If you're talking about an app-store launch, then it's important to have the core mechanics of the product (from a user interaction perspective) figured out such that the majority of your users are doing the things you want them to do in order to drive continual engagement with the app.

Design polish can come later and often slows down whomever is implementing the development of the app.

I don't think anything should ever be "ugly" but lacking polish is often the right way to go to get speed to market. That said, to be sure of the core interactions, you want to do as much testing and observing real users use your app prior to launch.

Happy to talk through any of this in a call with you.

Answered 6 years ago


I'm the Principal at Verbal+Visual, a digital product studio in NYC (

This is a fair question. From our experience, both in creating apps and using apps, I can tell you that your app, and your business, will fair much better if the branding, user experience and user interface are top notch. If something is designed well, is easy to use, and gives the end user trust, they will be much more likely to use it. Think about any app you see that is professionally designed versus one that is not professionally designed. No matter how great the actual app is, you're less likely to use it if it doesn't look the part. Our data on the apps we've worked with Penguin and Kidney Cancer Association confirms this partially, but data from a startup app we did wholeheartedly endorses getting the design and branding done right the first time around.

Please let me know if you'd like to schedule a call for any follow up questions.



Answered 6 years ago

You can tweak certain aspects of your brand as it (and the business behind it) evolves -- and, frankly, as your budget grows.

By far the hardest part of branding to alter later on, though, is the brand name itself. Be sure you get that right before you launch -- or ASAP thereafter.

Answered 6 years ago

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