Who are the leading integrator of industrial automation in India? USA? Canada? Thailand? Vietnam? China? Japan?


There are many, to name a few TCS, Wipro, Infosys, even IBM have interest in such markets.

Answered 9 years ago

Going country by country will be difficult search. Therefore, you must focus on global companies.
Vates: Its system integrator services are cutting-edge and include the latest technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, IoT, computer vision, real-time analytics and more.
Automation Plus: Automation Plus also provides complete IT and business intelligence services including networking and cyber security, data collection and integration into plant wide systems, and validated control systems MES and ERP level connectivity and integration.
Informatica: Businesses must transform to stay relevant, and data holds the answers. As the world’s leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management, Informatica recognizes a generational market disruption in data underway. With 100 percent focus on everything data, the company offers the versatility needed to succeed.
Kinetech Cloud: The company focuses on cloud, mobile, and integrated technologies that solve real client problems. Kinetech's service offerings are configured and integrated with other web services, platforms, and enterprise applications. The company delivers its offerings via internet browsers and on mobile devices. Its cloud offerings include Digital Factory , Kinetech PM , GovTech Cloud, and other bespoke solutions .
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