Would a Tour bus or trailer that is a venue itself work? How could I tweak it to make it work?

A cruise ship experience on wheels! A touring entertainment venue that provides travel to entertainment or travel destination. It may sound similar to a party bus but it is greyhound upscale at a decent prices. There are many routes you could go with this.


Yes it could work. It depends on so many things. Structurally it could work. I have experience with creating a "moveable stage". Alternative venues like this are becoming more and more popular and super trendy. I compare this in some ways to food trucks. There are many things to consider though. I am a musician who regularly thinks outside the box and would be happy to work through this idea with you from the structural components to the marketing plan. It's good to do something out of the ordinary BUT there is nothing worse than being out of gas and out of power and out of cash. So let me help you build a clear road to freedom and success.

Answered 10 years ago

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