Looking to run leads to chiropractic offices and want to know what the best integrations for a landing page with email marketing software embedded. Also curious about campaigns for a chiropractor that would pull in quality leads.

Paid ads can be effective if you have a decent budget, but you should really be focusing on organic promotion for your business. You'll be able to pull in high quality leads by optimizing your website and landing pages, creating interesting and relevant content, and leveraging other important channels such as email marketing, your blog, and social media.

If you are looking to expand your Facebook efforts, there is a way to create a custom tab with an embedded landing page, but I'd say you're more likely to be able to drive traffic to a landing page on your own website than you are to get people to notice a new tab on your Facebook page.

Happy to chat if you'd like to discuss lead gen and balancing paid and organic efforts any further. I can also give you more info about HubSpot's marketing software if you're looking for a way to integrate your landing pages and email tools. Feel free to reach out either way!

Answered 7 years ago

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