Looking to run leads to chiropractic offices and want to know what the best integrations for a landing page with email marketing software embedded. Also curious about campaigns for a chiropractor that would pull in quality leads.

Ultimately you are offering a solution to a problem (a pain-reliever to someone's pain). Focus on that! Your message must communicate these two sides of the relationship.

Once this has been clarified (try using a Minimum Value Proposition Canvas to work it through), your next challenge is to determine what is the most effective medium to deliver your message to your target audience. Check out the Book Traction for some ideas on how to determine this.

NOW you final step would be to try a number of limited test experiments with multiple messages (text & graphics) targeted at your audience on the medium selected through the Traction process. It might sound like a lot of preparation, but doing your homework will give you the best "bang for your buck".

My most important suggestion to you is to look for Steve Blank's "Customer Development" process - try Steve's course on Udacity "How to Build a Startup". I'd be more than willing to provide you more details on how this process could benefit your practice both short term and more importantly, build a more successful long term practice in your community.

Wishing you every success. Yoel

Answered 5 years ago

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