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Founder Logik Communications, Optionality, Umami Pure Ventures. CEO Levana Education. Raised approx. $200 million for funds, startups and SME's.

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It depends. What's the current state of the busineses finances? More loans from where? Secured or unsecured? If secured, by what or whom? What is the company legal structure/format? In simple terms, loans will allow the business to increase the value of its equity without having to reduce your % ownership of the business by selling equity. I would need to know a lot more about your business to give a meaningful answer.

What you're referring to is "in-kind investment" of "sweat equity", of a fashion. Basically, they both mean that the "investor" provides something to your business that isn't money per se, in return for a share of the company's equity. The short answer is yes. The long answer is dependent on some follow-up questions that I'd need answering before pointing you in the right direction. I think you need to put the brakes on and start at the beginning. What sort of funding have you already secured? e.g. friends and family, savings, co-founders, etc?

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