Luis BetancourtTrainner/Advisor/Speaker on Digital Marketing

Luis is an Electronic Engineer who's worked on Digital Marketing for more than 13 years, focusing on SEO, PPC and Google Analytics for brands like VoiceBunny, Colombia's Country Brand, VisitGuatemala among others.

As part of his journey, Luis has also designed and implemented other online strategies as Display Advertising, Social Ads, Content Marketing, Remarketing, Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, building an integrated digital marketing strategy.

Luis split his time between projects as a consultant and the academic world, offering courses, workshops, seminars and conferences in universities, companies and events.

He also supports the Colombian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, working as an advisor in several Incubation and Acceleration programs.

Luis speaks fluently Spanish and English (and a bit of portuguese) and lives in Bogota with his wife (Her business as couples therapist is Luis' laboratory on Digital Marketing) and Dalí (His Chocolate Labrador Retriever).

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It depends, if all the organic traffic is going to the home page and your domain target the same topic, you woud probably transfer the ranking. If there are lots of pages ranking on the domain you bought, you would need to offer the same content on your site and redirect url by url!

I would run a test with Search Ads in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads to see which one perform the best. That would be my short term!
Then, Content Marketing (Blog), Social Media, Email Marketing and some Display Advertizing.
I've worked with 2 companies like yours and these channels worked for them!
I usually work on a weekly meeting (1 hour) basis and it usually takes between 2 and 3 months to have an integrated digital strategy up and running!

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