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I am a Consultant, Designer, Developer, Writer, Social Media, SEO, Affiliate Marketing expert with over 13 years of experience.

I am among the:
* Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork
* Top 1% SEO experts
* Top 0.01% Social Media Marketing Experts and
* Level 9 freelancers in Sales & Marketing on Elance

I am member of:
* SEO Experts group
* WordPress Experts group and
* Hackathon group on Elance

I have worked with over 1000+ clients and helped them in different areas such as:

- Online Business Setup
- Online Branding
- Reputation Management
- E-Commerce Business / Shop Setup
- Increase in Social Media Following
- Getting the most out of PPC campaigns on Facebook and Google.
- Search Engine Rankings & Traffic
- Lead Generation

Recent Answers

Fiverr is not for passive income. Affiliate marketing and informational products which are sold online fall into passive income.

Also, big email lists through which you can earn passive income.

If you are looking for passive income then do some study about affiliate marketing or talk to some consultant for an hour to understanding setting up websites, joining networks, adding products, SEO, SEM, SMM and PPC.

You can use Instagram and LinkedIn to reach 50+ people as a demographic. Use the advance settings in the ad placement.

Please note that it is costly to run ads on LinkedIn.

Create account on major social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and post there. If you cannot spend money on advertising then you need to spend time on posting, sharing and interaction.

Also, do on-page SEO and off-page SEO. If possible try blogger outreach.

Hire some Virtual Assistant to help you in these areas.

Start with a website and social media marketing. Website must be SEO friendly and try using WordPress. Add products on the website and then share on social media. Use paid marketing on social media with advance targeting to boost your posts. After you have traffic start re-targeting the customers using custom audience technique.

For drop-shipping compare the price you are getting with the products already available online. Calculate your profit ratio and then decide about it.

Start by doing social media. Create social media accounts on all major social media channels and post daily. Use paid advertising to boost your posts. Create YouTube channel and do paid video marketing. Use Google adwords and do advance targeting to educational websites. Give ads in the tution/tutor classified sections of online websites and local newspapers. Hire a social media person who knows how to interconnect the channels to get you maximum benefit.

You have to see how much gross profit and net profit is there in the product sale. Let's assume the net profit is X then you could ask around 15% to 20% of the net profit. It also depends on how much efforts you are doing and who is paying for the paid ads. It also depends on how much efforts client is doing to build his brand on social media and other channels because if he is doing efforts, there will be more sale of goods.

Start by posting on your Facebook profile, create FB page, LinkedIn account, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Start posting about you and your startup. It will take some time, but slowly and gradually you will build up following. If you can do videos, start YouTube channel too. If you are busy in your startup day to day activities, hire someone to take care of postings on your behalf.

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