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I am an entrepreneur with a focus on and passion for Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and Conversion Rate Optimization. With 12+ years of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) experience, I can help you quickly assess a situation and then clearly communicate a plan of action.

I can provide you with and/or deploy comprehensive strategies to position yourself above your competition no matter their size or age. Once we establish how to get you traffic we can talk about how to make them take the action you desire in order to reach your business goals.

In my opinion every business person needs to deploy these strategies today, right now in fact, if you want to stay in business in today's market.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. I am available same day most days. Thanks for reading, let's make something happen!

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This will be an answer and not a pitch for my services as everyone above did ;)

SEO meta in 1 click for Chrome (love this plugin and it's free)
Moz (a bit expensive, I prefer SEMrush honestly but Moz has a great keyword tool)
All in 1 SEO plugin for Wordpress (not a Yoast fan)
Screaming Frog (free version is fine)

Go to thrift stores and yard sales. Take your phone. Find items that look like a good deal and search them on eBay. On eBay go into advanced search options and make sure you check "completed items", this will show you what actually sold and at what price it sold. If the item you are looking at is $5 and goes for $50 you just made 10x your money. Buy me the item(s) and sell them either on eBay or Craigslist or FB sales groups. If you cross list the items on different platforms make sure to remove sold items asap.

This will allow you to turn $100 into $500 if you hustle. If you half ass it results may vary, but if you put your all into it this will work.

Do in-depth competition research. Find people doing exactly what you do and call/email and ask for pricing. Make sure you have exact specs for the "job" mapped out and use the same exact details for everyone you call.

If you can't find anyone at all who does what you want to do you should dig deep and find out why nobody does it. There are probably good reasons.

I would focus on the people who are already interested via retargeting and SEO.

When they come to the site on their own hit them with a retargeting pixel and follow them around the internet with your ads. As time goes on offer better deals if they don't bite.

Start an SEO campaign and build up your organic traffic. The more people who visit your site the more people you tag with your retargeting pixel and you build your list of people with interest. Hit them with ads after they leave.

Make sure you have a conversion optimization expert audit and fix your website before starting either of these though. You can have all the traffic in the world but of they don't buy it doesn't matter.

If you're talking about Facebook I would say you're better off spending your money running direct adds to a specific demographic than boosting a page.

If you were talking about search engine optimization I would say both. You could start with the agency page and build a sub page for the artist and optimize both for the best experience.

I wouldn't focus too much on likes on FB any longer. In the past FB pushed promoting likes as a way to get "free" reach. Now that they have butchered the "free" reach you really need to pay to play.

Both the search engines and users are looking for original and valuable content. I would absolutely put unique and fresh content on both blogs and would avoid duplicating the material. Duplicate content can be an issue as far as search engine rankings as the engines have to make a choice on which website to show.

In the long run unique and valuable content will win the race.

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