Mark EvansB2B and SaaS Fractional CMO

I work with fast-growing B2B and SaaS companies looking to attract and engage better prospects.

My areas of expertise include brand positioning and messaging, strategic planning, and tactical execution oversight.

Many of my clients are struggling to make their marketing work or they're not much marketing at all. At the end of the day, I help companies make the right marketing decisions.

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Before you do anything, start with identifying why you want to do online marketing and your goals. Then, you should explore target audiences - how do they make purchase decisions, where and how do they get information online, etc. And a key part of marketing online is having a Website that performs (e.g. drives lead, sales, downloads, etc.) if you online marketing performs well - you're wasting your time otherwise.

How about creating content that provides insight and advice about cellphone maintenance and repair, as well as apps that people can use to get more value from their cell phones. This is "soft selling" as opposed to trying to get people to make a purchase. You could also use social media to solve problems and answer questions.

There are plenty of options, including WordPress plugins: Gravity Forms is powerful.

It depends on what you want to get out of re-investing your time in the blog. It's not about the traffic but whether it meets your goals - e.g. love for writing, business development, etc. The reality about blogging is doing it well takes time, effort and creativity so think hard before diving back in.

It starts with strong messaging and being able to differentiate yourself from similar service. I would explore the idea of using Facebook ads given the ability to micro-target.

In the short-term, it comes down to the basics:
1. What makes your product unique or different?
2. Who are your target audiences?
3. How can you solve their points of pain?

From there, you craft a story (aka marketing) that meets the needs of potential customers. You need to make it easy for people to recognize that you can meet their specific needs, and there are clear benefits.

Once you've gone through this exercise, it's a matter of applying it to different channels (e.g. Website, direct mail, email, advertising).


You need to start by identifying why your product is unique or different, and the reasons customers would be interested. This provides the foundation for your Website, and sales and marketing collateral, elevator pitch, etc.

Next, I would focus discover your core customer - who's going to buy it, what are their needs and points of pain, what's the buying cycle, where do they find information, etc.

Third, you try to get business traction by combining your story with your customer personas. Hopefully, this starts to get your business traction, which could attract investors.

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