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If there is one thing that entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFO's and COO's can all agree on it's this ==> big firm legal fees are expensive!

It's why I started Silicon Valley Counsel. I was a big-firm attorney at Cooley for 7+ years, then a General Counsel at a tech startup for almost three. This made me realize that growing companies cannot afford big-firm rates but need the assurance that their legal details are big-firm worthy (when being acquired, doing a financing or even going IPO).

I have run an on-demand General Counsel business for the past 4 years. I help Silicon Valley companies, and increasingly national and international SMBs as well. Part of the cost savings I provide is via technologies I implement, and less overhead. Mostly, it's know how though having already navigated the growing company landscape many times. Big firms are simply not incentivized to learn what I have learned.

Specifically I help with cap tables, equity financings, contracts that get through the other side's legal smoothly yet with protections, and upside. I also build contract templates that help a company re-use without having to come back and pay again and again.

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