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Built CI and CD for $50m startup. Formerly influential roles in cloud computing, biotech, hardware, iOS, android, quantified self startups. I automate build, test, integration, release management, and deployment - and harness analytics to continuously improve each.

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Explore your interests as deeply as you can before any life situations or institutions re-focus you on things you'll find less interesting. As stated above, a primary avenue for exploring those interests should be work.

I've found talented data scientists in several other countries who do just as good as ones I've worked with in Silicon Valley. It is not a position one can automate away, of course - one needs to know more about the type of data that needs grooming and what types of skills best fit it (DSP vs analytics vs whatever buzz word that relates best to the science at hand). Can you speak more about your goals?

I've built this kind of system before for more than one company. What you want to build is a continuous integration system (and this is what my company specializes in). This allows you to trigger tests each time a developer submits code. The test you describe would fire up several environments in parallel (i.e. one for each browser) and you would get high level status reports about test coverage and success.
Don't hesitate to contact me and I'll do my best to walk you through the process via phone, email, and how we see fit.

One thing that would help is mentioning the actual negative feedback you're getting. From what I can tell the current name matches with the look of the website and what you're selling from what I can tell...

I often help friend's brainstorm for their businesses. Here are a few for you:

However, do know that focusing on the name is one of the least important improvements you can make right now. Do let me know how I can assist further.

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