Tommy DarkerMusicpreneur and founder of Darker Music Talks.

Tommy Darker is a Musicpreneur, educator, academic lecturer and writer about art and entrepreneurship. His vision is to simplify scalable concepts and make them work for artists and creative businesses.

He and his work have been featured in Berklee College of Music, TEDx, Berlin Music Week, Midem, SAE Institute, Westminster University, Hypebot and Topspin Media (now part of Beats Music).

Recent Answers

Hi, I'm Tommy and I'm a music business educator. Each artist's music can be promoted differently.

If I were you, I would regard three things:
- Their genre of music.
- Their story behind their music.
- Their message as artists.

The whole process of taking these three parameters into regard is called Mediatization (look it up): it's not only the music that matters, but the story people connect with. You can promote an artist's music to a fanbase which 1) loves the music itself, 2) connects with their story, and 3) digs the message the artist promotes.

This is the mindset. The actual strategies and tactics can be countless, when you apply this way of thinking.

Let me know if this made things more clear and whether I could help.

Positive energy and love,
// Tommy

Hi, I'm Tommy and I'm a music educator myself. Since your website is for a specific audience, two things pop in mind:

- Do you attract the right audience?
- Do you have educational material in your website?

Attracting the wrong audience is where everything will go wrong. In terms of educational material, do you have something complimentary, so visitors can search deeper in your site for information regarding piano sheets, how they're used today, their history, interviews with active musicians today, and so on?

Your product (piano sheet music) is one thing, the 'hook' that makes people stay around is another thing. Let me know if I could help.

Positive energy and love,
// Tommy

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