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Hey there,

That's an evergreen question!

Since I'm an online marketer. I always recommend clients to create super awesome content.

I assume that you have a website.

I recommend you to create a 2000+ word guide on say "Everything online user should know to prevent their mobile/ tablet from getting damaged!"
Your content can consist of:

-50+ ways to prevent mobile from getting damaged
Example 1: Use high quality screen guard to prevent your screen from getting damaged!
Additionally, educate them about best possible variants in screen guard.
Like wise..try to come up with 25 or 50 different ideas.

-End with Conclusion

Publish it & then do outreaching. (ie. reach out to few influencers who writes about similar topics on big sites)

I shared with you the strategy that never fails.

If you plan to follow the advice, feel free to hit me up for casual talk.

Cheers! :)

Super Quick & Easy Strategy:
Create a Google+ page and link it with your website. Follow the steps mentioned here for the same -

Why this will work?
I did a quick search for lead magnet and learned that there's no Google+ Page listing! That means an opportunity to show up pretty fast!

Hope this helps!


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