Crystal Cordayopen-minded fun-loving non-judgemental empath

Registered Nurse BSN: 2009 - the present
Life Experience: since COVID up to the present, has been the most transformational time in my life in terms of Mental Health and Wellness, relationships, personal development-self-awareness and being/maintaining my happiness, peace, joy and love for life despite external chaos r/t family friends relationships careers finances etc... accomplished through realizations & perspective shifts which have positively improved my self perception my worldview mental health and overall well-being with no medications involved so I want to share encourage and help others work through/overcome their similar challenges

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You don't have to pick a niche do what you're good at and what you feel spiritually called to that brings you happiness and joy that's the way I gauge whether I'm on the right path or not and whether what I want to do is in alignment or not. And as long as it's something that's serving allows you to use your gifts to serve the collective to uplift the vibration bring more hope and love and joy then you're on the right path and use
whatever Avenue works for you that excite you brings you passion but as well as helps you get out of your comfort zone Learn and Grow all at the same time

Pull my energy back from external stimulation of people places and things sit in solitude for a day or two without so much digital stimulation and reflect do deep breathing exercises to bring yourself back into the present moment dance saying go outside for a walk in nature

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