Craig Zingerline6x founder. Launched over 50 products.

Craig is a serial entrepreneur with a deep background in product management, growth, & leadership. He’s a 5 time founder who understands growth from zero to scale and has both raised money & bootstrapped startups. He has launched over 50 digital products that have won over 60 web awards.

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I've found that if you are going in with 1 or more partner and you are all doing it full time, then split it out equally. You'll prevent a whole lot of resentment in the long run. Of course, the devil is in the details. For example - if Founder A put $$ in as well as time, then they are probably going to ask for and would be justified in getting more equity than Founder B who is just putting in time. Happy to chat about this in more detail having been through a handful of co-founder situations where we had both success and failure.

What are some of the things users are saying that show you it's hard for them to understand the system? Do you have any consistency in areas where people are having trouble? Are you using any tools to track conversion rates through your funnel, and have those metrics gotten worse since your redesign? Feel free to book time with me if you want to dig in.

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