Nikhil SoniEntrepreneur, Educator at Unacademy

Founder of InfinityVerse & Infinity Trends
Researcher at OrbitX India Aerospace P Ltd
Micro Entrepreneur at Vedantu
Technical Support Specialist/Windows Customer Advocate at Microsoft
CS/IT & Physics Expert at CourseHero
GATE ESE CS/IT & IIT JEE Physics Educator at Unacademy
Former CS/IT Expert at Chegg
Textbook Solution CS Expert at Chegg
Maths Expert at Photomaths
Tech Influencer - Digit/Ambassador - DigitSquad, was featured in Digit Magazine June Edition in 2020
Brand Ambassador of Avita India
Brand Ambassador of Halifornia Apparels
Former MPL Ambassador
Former JEE Mains Expert at Filo
Former Business Manager of PrepBytes
Former Social Media Marketer of PeopleHum
Former CEO of Wooplr
Former Internshala Student Partner of Internshala.
Former HR of Travel Organization “Plavate, Delhi”
Former Virtual Internship at JPMorgan Chase & Co., General Electric, Teach For Australia, Cognizant, Deloitte, Accenture Nordic, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, CitiBank Australia, AWS.
Former Campus Ambassador of ECell IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, IIT Guwahati, Faculty Management Study(FMS), Delhi, RoboTech Labs, VIT Chennai, Chandigarh University, UCWeb Mobile Private Limited, Alibaba Group, BOLT IoT, Global Innovation Festival, JLN Stadium, DTU, Eckovation IIITDM, Jabalpur, All India Councils of Robotics and Automation, India.
Former Physics Teacher of London Based Organization Zwelr aka Sphere.

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Setup great goal to utilize that energy, Meditation and Self believe is best approach to get it done. Don't compare yourself with anyone.

As per my personal experience the biggest pain is time and resources management, for example internet connectivity meetings in between of journey. You can feel free to call me for more detailed answers.

I have being a coach on career guidance and the biggest marketing challenge I've faced was creating a marketing content considering that no one should get hurt respecting all religions ethics believes etc. Its challenging to keep everything perfect but we should so keyword research that the keywords animation etc. we're using is appropriate for everyone or not. You need to be neutral.

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