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Founded, bootstrapped and grew B2B Procurement SaaS business from idea to enterprise clients in 70 countries. 60% annualised growth, 90% GM, >30% EBITDA. Passionate about building predictable and profitable revenue growth for early-stage tech and service companies. Personally generated leads, built pipeline and closed multi-year B2B deals ranging from £10k - £1m. Goldman Sachs 10KSB program Alumni. Hands-on growth strategy, planning and delivery to get results.

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Hi. First question is why try to sell internationally when you have a domestic market to go after? Is your local market saturated? Focus on building a strong business from you local market before thinking of exporting. Second - what advantages can you deliver that an international buyer can't get from their local suppliers? I know the print space well (I come from an international marketing background) and there has to be a really compelling reason why anyone would buy from a supplier in another country. Why is your offer better than a printer in Singapore?, Germany? US? Thirdly - I can see you are based in Pakistan but your website implies New York (name, pictures of Manhattan etc) - either open a sales office in New York or avoid trying to confuse customers. Be authentic.

How have you proven the prototype? Having been in your shoes, if you have any proof that the concept will work - go see potential customers and get them to validate your prototype. Get a deep understanding of the customer pain points, quantify benefits - even if the product is too early to be used commercially. If you demonstrate enough potential to customers - get them to pay for a small trial. Go build the smallest product that solves the biggest pain (focus, focus, focus). Then go find more customers with the same pain and repeat. You'll quickly learn what works and what doesn't. If customers value your product enough to pay to solve their pain point(s) - you may have an investable business. If they don't, you don't. I hope that helps.

Hi. You may not appreciate it, but you probably have more advantages over enterprise competitors than you think! Focus on providing a more personalised service, be more responsive, leverage your specialist expertise and what-ever you can do to be different. Take your time and carve out your niche. Don't forget, your competitors will spend money to raise the profile of their solution which creates a wave of interest for you too. Place ads next to theirs. Create more impactful content than they do. Get exhibition space opposite their stand. Contact the bigger players and offer a complimentary service (you'll be doing them a favour!). Not everyone wants to engage with the global leaders, many people are looking for a specialist provider. Good luck!

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