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Simple DIY advice and IPR strategy for researchers, academicians, inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors, industry experts or enthusiastic individuals who wish to secure and build strong fencing to protect creative intellect. Client Recommendations:

2023 is all about intellectual data driven economy & intersecting Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision & Predictive Analytics.

International Speaker speaking on Strategic Aspects of amalgamating technology, law and business in Industry 4 Spectrum Era.

Active speaker at tech global conferences and actively participate in ITU Regulatory Workshops & Initiatives on SDGs. Problem SOLVER & Business Strategist with 17+ yrs exp. Recently Invited by China Government to speak on best practices in IP world.
17+ yrs experience & Go-to patent research strategist for all time zones, be it new product launch in Asia, IP landscape across EU, freedom-to-operate analysis in Japan or patent invalidation for litigation in US.

Patent attorney with expertise in IP portfolio management, cross-border technology transactions, licensing agreements, due diligence analyses, product clearance, freedom-to-operate, infringement, and validity (Patent Invalidation) analysis, research and opinions. Responses for USPTO, EPO, UKIPO etc.

Special technical expertise in the fields of medical devices, blockchain, healthcare and Internet of Things (Iot) based technologies.

Previous work experience with US Law Firm headquartered in Greater New York City Area.

Related practice areas include general business counselling, legal advice, legal service, patent advice and patentability opinion, drug discovery, drug development, project management and intersection of intellectual property with competition laws, drug regulations, generic drug policies, innovation management, market-entry strategy and competitive intelligence.

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The prototype of the product should be ready even before approaching any entity to raise funds. Once this goal is achieved start writing your own questionnaire and answer six important questions to raise funds or capital from any entity.
The most important question to be answered is who is your trusted reliable resource. The most trusted reliable resource for your fintech blockchain based technology is to identify your paying clients or customers. IDENTIFYING right data points is going to open many avenues to funding opportunities. If you wish get more insight feel free to ask me next course of success model to raise funds.
All the best !!

The right question you need to answer is "whether your explainer videos is solving any particular subject in details." The last phase of the video should talk about lessons learnt.
Trust yourself if your explainer videos is solving the purpose, audience will view and review as they will be intrigued with the data points you share.

Interesting question and thanks for asking. Being REAL in yourself is the first step to connect to your subconscious self. Mastering the subconscious self makes your purpose more clear with clarity. Goals are personified and outcome is happiness.

First, you need to identify IP associated with the product, if any. The best way to proceed would be to contact them and they will provide you with the relevant IP (patent or design registered with USPTO) and agreement terms for licensing the same.

Idea in (IoT) sounds good, but the million $$$ question is whether the idea is patentable and making sure you are not infringing upon someone's patented technology.

Having said that, you need to identify your business model. For example, are you planning to launch your product in domestic market or you plan to launch it in one or more countries.

1st step should be to make sure your idea is novel, non-obvious and has industrial applicability to be patent worthy.
You need a worldwide patentability search to determine whether your idea is patent worthy.

Patent Searching Tips:
-Identify International Patent Classifications (IPCs) and US Patent Classifications of your technology
-Identify important Keywords and Synonyms
- Perform Keyword based patent searching
- Narrow it with International Patent Classifications (IPCs) & Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) based patent searching
- Identify Main Assignees and perform search
-Identify Main Inventors and perform search
– Combination of Keywords in different fields of search, Identified patent classes (IPC, USPC and CPC), Assignees and Inventors
This will provide you a fair idea about the novelty of your system and method in IoT space.

To know more about Freedom to Produce, read the below article:

I hope this information helps you to determine feasibility of your innovation.

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