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Since I'm not totally sure what you mean by "business and tech issues", I'm going to guess you mean what a lot of tech entrepreneurs I work with mean, which would be something to the affect of a) ad-hoc problem solving / consulting ("business issues") and b) smallish technical projects that don't necessarily have incredibly detailed written scopes ("tech issues"). I'm also going to assume you don't need 100% native English speaking fluency but that you DO need people working for you to have a decent amount of intuition. Finally, I'm going to go out on a limb and suppose that you don't want to pay the rates top providers in the US / UK / Australia / NZ would charge.

This is where I started out when I began outsourcing some of my company's work five years ago. While I now have a US-based staff, we still outsource from time to time to a short list of fantastic providers.

For dealing with issues where a deep understanding of the way business is done here in the US is required, we generally stick with providers in the US and Canada.
For knowledge work that can be coalesced into a process, the Philippines is great.
For the most complicated technical tasks we need done right, our sweet spot in terms of quality and affordability has been with providers in Eastern Bloc, especially Romania. For scaleable handling of all other technical tasks we have had good results with providers in the Ukraine, even with all the recent upheaval in that area in the world.

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