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Founder of LaunchTrack, online payments intelligence for Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, Balanced, Shopify & Eventbrite.

Growth hacker by way of a traditional advertising and marketing background.

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The sports space is certainly crowded, but the size of the market creates plenty of opportunity. This is not a zero sum game.

The key to differentiation in a crowded space, is focusing on what it is that makes your product/brand unique? Do you have a story that is compelling? Has your product increased strength by X%, or saved lives, or fill a specific need within an interesting space.

Some great new products to review, that have entered into the space recently would be:

What you'll see, is that they have crafted their brand message to get to the core of the user experience. Find your story - one that resonates with your target users. Then tell it loudly!

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