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I'm specialized in integrated marketing communications and hope to build a social media marketing firm.

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Choose a word to live by, such as "greatest," then every time you feel fear, choose to live by your word instead of allowing fear to take over.

The biggest challenge is engaging the consumer. Ensure you're doing your psychographic and demographic research and send out personal emails to each individual group. Don't send generic mass emails!

50%, but keep creative control! Look up investors on linkedin and angellist. Good luck!

Email is a great way to gain new business and tailor to the needs and desires of your loyal consumer. You Must adhere to content is King rule. Create content that drives revenue with engaging headlines and creative meat in the heart of your email. Don't send out one generic email. Send segmented emails and test the waters to see what works and receives a response. Throw mud and see what sticks, repeat.

You really need to do thorough research when deciding on your website rebuild. There's no real answer. It really just depends on your budget. I would ensure the site is user friendly first. Second, I'd hire an SEO content specialist to follow SEO best practices. And, lastly, I'd incorporate a blog to ensure you're ranking high on SEO in due time. Considering all of this, shop around with a budget of 5k and find your best bang for your buck! You got this!

The most promising thing you can do is build a fanatical brand that consumers love and are die-hard fans, so much so, that they gravitate toward purchase and then sharing those purchasing decisions with friends and family. Integrated marketing communications teaches to start with the brand and work your way back to the consumer through thorough marketing research techniques. Your strategy to start a promising business model would be to have fun and come up with an outrageously creative and revenue-dtiven idea.

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