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When you are getting started there really isn't a way to avoid cold calling. Its a skill and it gets easier the more you do it. The agency I worked at used to do cold call afternoons - everyone did it at the same time, and there were prizes and incentives. It made it fun.

My top tips:
- Get a headset if you can and stand up - gives you more energy
- Take the mindset that you have something amazing to offer and why wouldn't they want to talk to you?
- Make a note of everything so you develop a database of contacts.

One 'blackhat' method of getting leads is to call for a reference for a candidate you are working with. You are much more likely to get through. And you have a really simple opportunity to ask "so how are you getting on replacing this person"

Beyond cold calls, I'd write to everyone (no, a letter, not an email) and include your card or perhaps a calendar or a pen. Introduce your new agency and why you are so good in your niche. Recruitment is one of those things that people don't need until they do - and having your details close at had is a winner.

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