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Founder of several training courses and educational services. Conducted trainings and master classes for students. I have two higher education: marketing and publishing. Now I work as a writer, a visiting consultant and a specialist in introducing new educational systems in colleges and universities.

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Hey. I think there is no perfect essay writing service, since I tried a lot of them in my student years. What can I tell you, choosing a good service is not difficult if you pay attention to three components: price, quality and reviews. The latter is especially important, as you should see real results from real students like you. So first of all, look at the reviews. I myself can advise reading reviews here http://papercoachreviews.com, since I already took work from them. Good luck with your training!

When business is run by designers and programmers, they are the most powerful experts in the company. As a result, all tasks are closed to them, everyone runs to them for advice. And then you do anything but business, strategy and development. The leader should be primarily a good manager. Learn how to delegate responsibility and build autonomous structures within the company - departments that operate on their own, without your constant participation and control. And for this you will need people who need to be taught everything and actually entrust the company to them.

Popular topics are one. You just need to speak a language that the reader understands and select the right words. If you decide to start a blog, then most likely you plan to work on it for more than one year. So, you should carefully consider what you plan to write about. Will this topic be just as interesting and relevant in a year or several years? Do you want to do it? Will the audience want to read about it? Of course, you cannot foresee the answer for sure. But there is a little trick. As a rule, broader topics “survive”, within the framework of which you can reveal current trends today and in a year.

You can use special services of site-builders, they are convenient to use and do not require knowledge of the code. There are services to which you can connect your domain, and there are those that provide a free domain or at a small cost.

Use as many online services as possible to maintain the quality of your business or case. Keep in touch with your community and customers, show concern and interest about them, and then your leadership position will be maintained, and possibly even strengthened.

Increase your activity, tell people about yourself and your services to increase traffic. I hope you will succeed!

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